What is HYIP? New people need to know

what is hyip

What is HYIP?

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Programs, which translates into Vietnamese as a highly profitable and risky investment program or as venture capital. The majority of financial investment projects on the Internet are referred to as HYIP. HYIP projects are much more profitable than depositing money into banks. All HYIP projects are high risk and closed after a period of time usually from 1 to 3 months but there are also sites that have 2 or 3 days have died but there are sites that live both years of heaven.

The HYIP investment does not use cash but uses the electronic currency, the popular Bitcoin (BTC), and the $ equivalent of Perfect Money, Payeer.

What is the risk of HYIP?

That is when the site will be closed (scam) without a farewell and you will lose all the money invested. You can not sue the site to claim money. Most of the sites are foreign and you never know who the admins are after.

HYIP allows you to invest money and earn profits every hour, every day, every month according to the rules of each project. Your job is to simply deposit your money, then wait for the withdrawal date. Each site will have different interest rates, but most of the interest on HYIP sites are very high, there are many sites for 120% interest after a day, there are pages after 12 days you get 144% of the initial capital. Looking at the amount of interest that can make you crave for investment, but you be careful, immediately restrained your greed that sober thought should down the money or not.

Remember that the higher the profit, the faster the site died.

The projects you need to stay away

  • The project has an interest rate of over 10% per day. This is a super short-term project, scam very fast usually from 1 to 7 days.
  • The project has an interest rate plan like 150% AFTER 1 HOUR, AFTER 1 DAY, …. There is the word “AFTER” is fine, absolutely do not see high interest that jump, money will leave you that go.
  • Free domain names like tk, ml, cf, gq, ga …
  • The project does not use SSL security services, ie projects with URLs that do not start with “https”.
  • The project has inconsistent contents in the sections, copied in other projects.

Terms in HYIP

  • Trust Site: Trusted, highly credible, confirmed project (prestigious only for a period of time, never had a reputation forever).
  • Scam: The project no longer pays for investments or selective payments (paying only for some people).
  • Script: A program of the project, rewritten under the programming language to perform tasks on the interface of the site. Most scripts of HYIP projects are now available from pre-programmed packages. The famous scripts are now Gold Script and GC Script.
  • Minpay: Minimum amount withdrawn each time.
  • Mindep: Minimum amount of investment.
  • Cashout, Withdraw: The function you use to make withdrawals.
  • Instant Withdraw: Cash withdrawal to your wallet immediately, from 1 second to several dozen minutes.
  • Release Deposit: Withdrawal (many sites will have very high withdrawal fees).
  • Pending: Your withdrawal request is delayed indefinitely, in case the pending event is over 24h, it is a sign of the scam site.

Respond to unusual cases

  • Deposit is very long: Money is not in the investment account: this case occurs when you invest by BTC, ETH … Electronic money need to have a miner (money digger) for the transfer of money. Time can range from a few seconds to 48 hours. In this case you have no other way to wait. Can execute PUSH command to speed up the process.
  • Pending withdrawal: Please send mail or chat with admin right. Otherwise, wait is the only action. If pening too 24h, almost 99% of sites have scam.
  • Suspicious Scam: Quickly withdraw funds, it is best to divide the funds into small amounts, each time 15-20 minutes apart and remember to logout after each withdrawal.

HYIP play strategy

Each person will have a different play and tactics, no one like everyone. I will share my strategy so that you can refer.

Example: I have a total capital to play is $ 1000.

  • Will spend $ 700 to invest in about 3, 4 sites prestige, long days. Although these sites have low interest rates of between 1 and 1.5 percent per day, it is safe to say that sites like these typically last less than a year.
  • Set aside $ 300 to invest in short-term sites, usually earning a profit of around 2 – 5% a day.

What to start playing HYIP

  • Take the time to thoroughly research HYIP

This, of course, is not a HYIP, but whatever you do, you need to find out. However, there are some new friends, see people on the net show thousands of dollars a day, buy a home, get the car thanks to HYIP. Hurry to borrow money, to jump into play along. Already, died from the first site, with a pile of debt just yesterday.

There is something delicious to eat, especially HYIP, when the name itself says it all: INVESTMENT VANITY.

  • Necessary substance

Not greedy: Moderate investment of $ 30- $ 100 for the first time, experienced increases to $ 100- $ 200 per project.

Always be careful: Before you decide to invest in any site, look for information on the blog, group for reference.

Do not rush: Do not take a continuous withdrawal, do not rush to withdraw large capital once, when there is the phenomenon of delayed interest payments, do not rush to do anything on your account, please Immediately contact your admin or facilitator for assistance.

Undecided: Sure who invest HYIP project will also be at, when lost.

Do not be ignorant: Do not know, have to ask, but it is best to ask your instructor.

Good luck


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