What is BIS? Pros Cons the BIS (Broker Investment) Registration Guide

Forex is undoubtedly the largest financial market in the world. From the volume of trades, the liquidity of the goods to the competitive advantage is extremely enormous. Based on the latest global statistical report, Forex each day reaches an equivalent of 6,000 billion USD, which is the financial system that total global stock transactions cannot be compared. But the exchanges have a downside as the liquidity is rather slow to make many investors feel uncomfortable understanding that BIS is born to remove difficulties of the market, to understand What Is bis so that many investors expect you to follow up with the details below!

What is BIS? Pros – Cons, the BIS (Broker Investment) Registration Guide

Soon after this project was officially launched in the market Hyipok.com Fortunately, the people who know and take the head in this project with the analysis of a TERRIBLE project below hope a brilliant victory for the upcoming time for all who join the investment together with Hyipok.com.

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What is BIS? Pros Cons the BIS

What is BIS?

Broker Investment S. R. O (Short call: BIS) Founded in 2014 in the Czech Republic, certified as financial profession of the National Bank of the Czech Republic

As a liquidity provider in the Forex market, BIS always strives to provide the global customers with the best advantage and competitive price, while providing high-stability connection technique, from the establishment of the company in 2014 in Czech Republic to present, BIS through the technical system implementing strict security measures and guiding the operation Clearly understandable, giving customers world-class financial intermediate services, thereby establishing excellent corporate culture and outstanding reputation

Due to the oversight and management of the Czech National Bank, BIS is based on legislation and legislation in the management of financial markets.

Advantages and disadvantages of BIS

Advantages of BIS

The liquidity provider (Liquidity Provider, LP) plays an important role in the promotion of securities transactions or other financial instruments, as LP also determines the purchase price and selling price, which can immediately change assets into money. Based on the definition of financial investment terminology, liquidity is only the ability of investors in the short time, with reasonable prices to convert assets into money.

BIS aims to develop global development goals, become the largest liquidity home in the Forex market, the enterprise has a position in the Forex liquidity industry

Disadvantages of the current Forex platform

The market price is not fixed for bid/ask. Can be divisible by market. So if the guest surfer, it is recommended to set the bid/Ask tool to support.

Slippage may occur on weak liquidity periods. Therefore, the floor always give alerts to customers in the time of strong news closing open market.

BIS is strictly supervised and managed by CNB

CNB is a member of the European Bank system of the European Central Bank which is led by the European Central Bank and the 27 central banks of European member countries, CNB is one of the members, the European Central Bank has a very high independence in the world at the same time as the Bank for monetary management beyond the national limit
What is BIS? Pros Cons the BIS (Broker Investment) Registration Guide

Team of BIS

What is BIS? Pros Cons the BIS (Broker Investment) Registration Guide


The BIS development plan

The BIS development plan


BIS Investment Packages

BIS Investment Packages Rate Bis-Broker investment

BIS Registration Guide

  • Step 1: Sign up for BIS

> Sign up for monetisation with BIS (Broker investment) here!

BIS Registration Guide

  • Step 2: KYC account

KYC account

BIS Investment Guide

  • Step 1: Load USDT

Entry Deposit – USDT = > Enter the USDT number to load = > Select USDT [ERC20] => Enter password Level 2 => Sumbit

BIS Investment Guide

Switch USDT to the current wallet on the screen

Switch USDT to the current wallet on the screen


  • Step 2: Investing

As you see then here Hyipok.com invested $1500 on march 14/07/2020.



> Sign up for monetisation with BIS (Broker investment) here!

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Note: Online investments are always potential for a certain level of risk. A thorough consideration should be considered before investing.

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