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What is The NANEX Online Limited ?

NANEX Online Limited is an online investment platform authorized and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority under Company number 11089943. This information can be verified on the Company House website CHECK. NANEX Online Limited is registered in England Company No. 11089943. Registered office, 108 Mitcham Rd, London, United Kingdom, SW17 9NG


NANEX Online Limited was founded with the mission of providing its members with the safest and favorable investment opportunities available; with the best possible and achievable returns at a minimum risk.

Most clients understand that in order to achieve higher than average returns, we must take on higher than average risk. Having said that, when you invest with NANEX Online Limited you can be assured that the stability of your investment is one of our primary concerns. We operate under three key methodologies: Complete Transparency, Highly Experienced Institutional Quality Traders and the Financial Services Regulation (ASIC).

Our vastly experienced traders capitalize on inefficiencies in the cryptocurrency frequently capture profitable opportunities. Over time the accumulation of all this trades transacted results in our ability to outperform most other investment vehicles. We have the potential to aggressively grow your wealth rapidly.

How It Works

Our process has six phases beginning with a preliminary screening that identifies and promotes the best risk adjusted and quantifiable performers. Only an extremely talented trader who has demonstrated a significant and lucrative statistical edge will be progressed to the next stage.

A more advanced analytical stage whereby we monitor in real-time any potential deviations from known historical metrics. We then allocate our own capital for “real-world” testing. Only after successful and prolonged trading with company funds is the trader then allocated investor capital.

What’s important is that we continue to monitor all traders and their performances to ensure your investment remains on track, all the time

  • Accept : BTC, BCH, Payeer, Advcash, PerfectMoney
  • Start : 05-May-2018
  • Plan :



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