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We are at the frontline of the trading technology development and always strive for the most favourable results in our commercial operations in every business area we have a presence in. Our video presentation reflects our business, in as much detail as possible, so we recommend you watching our promotional video to get maximum information about our goals and our online enterprise.

🌐 Brief Introduction to the Company: 🇬🇧 🇷🇺 British Trading Company Cyrix Limited was formed and established as a multinational group, guiding its efforts through diversification of risk invest. 💥 💥 CYRIX LTD invest money and business in future business fields, bonds, bank assets and securities. In addition, our team works successfully in the binary options field. 🆗 🎯 Pay interest and withdraw money from Monday to Friday.
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The packages have 7 parts as follows:
Plan: ➡ 1 Package 15 Day 1.4% Daily $ 50–299 ➡ 2 Scheduling 30 Days 1.6% Daily 300–999 $
➡ 3 Scheduling 40 days 1.8% daily $ 1000–4999
➡ 5 Plan 60 Days 2.5% daily $ 100–29999 $
➡ 6 Plan 70 days 3% Daily 30000–49999 $
➡ 7 days planning 3.5% daily $ 50.000–300.000
Payment System:

  • Share Affiliate Program: 8% -5% -3% -1% -1% -1% -1% 📲 📲 Contact for Contact

Good afternoon everyone. Dear friends, I want to introduce you to the top leaders of the strongest team of 4FreedomTeam, who are now developing the company Cyricks worldwide. Everyone who wants to receive information about stable and reliable income, write to us.

About us

CYRIX LTD is a British trading company which was created as a multinational team directing their efforts at diversification of investment risks.
For that purpose we have divided the team into several units, each concentrating its efforts on a particular type of online investments. Specifically, CYRIX LTD invests money and does business in such trading fields as futures, bonds, bank assets and securities. Also, our team works successfully in the sphere of binary options.
How do we make the profit?
The most important rule is not to invest money in high-risk contracts.
To maintain deals success at 97% of profitability (the remaining 3% are closed zero-summed), we have a department for analytical management of changes in exchange rate tendencies and indexes in all the spheres of our interest mentioned above. This is why we carefully analyse and review all the matters first and invest the money only after obtaining credible analytical results. However, we do not invest in a single business sphere, but rather diversify our assets by investing them in several businesses at once. Therefore, such an approach guarantees stable and positive profit both for us as a company and for our investors.
Regardless of CYRIX LTD being a relatively young company, success and competition were embedded in us upon creation.
Our creators, a British-born businessman and his Belarusian business partner had started actively working in this sphere long before establishing the company, while mutually enriching each other’s experiences and actively gaining needed skills and knowledge. Thus, with absolute confidence, we can state that in terms of effectivity, professionalism and profitability CYRIX was created by serious professionals of their kind which is why it has achieved the long-due place in the leaderboard of the global companies involved in this business.
Unity of goals and power of the collective effort.
The uncompromised leadership of specialists. This is precisely how the CYRIX team was founded. The best traders and analysts. Prospects of even more significant growth and achievement of new professional conditions, because while forming our team the founding partners employed the principle of maximum reduction of the average age in the organisation to increase its potential and workabilities, subsequently affecting those of the company in general.
However, the collective effort transpires not only within the team.
We are creating a new online project aimed at not only increasing our turnover capital but, as a result, at giving a new push for future development and profits growth. Also, we want to unite efforts of our specialists and investors from all over the world in the new business relations building, thus, creating unique ways of our shared progress and prosperity.
Strategy and prospects
Any deal must bring profit, only profit and also it cannot be risky. This statement is the basis for CYRIX business doctrine and vision of the further company development regarding interaction with our investors from any country in the world.
Availability of our services, multinational team and its business unity will always be on the frontline of our investment processes and will always guard our investors in any circumstances.
We confidently look at our future and shape a new vision of the modern investment business building it on the latest scientific achievements, significant international experience in trading transactions while employing the latest innovative technologies which inevitably lead to increased profits, development of our business and closer interaction with our clients.


The Company is officially registered in London on April 26, 2018 and has an authorized capital of 200,000,000 gbp.



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