HYIP – Review BitLes – Return project in BTL Token – same as Bitconnect [BCC]

Bitconnect can be said to be the [BCC] most successful investment project ever in Vietnam. It is also possible that the residual negative of BCC is forever left without being able to erase it.

Today, a project similar to Bitconnect launches, with the expectation of becoming a swarm phenomenon. The project
want to introduce to you is bitles.

Currently, there are many international monitors & the monitor Vietnam is involved in, which pulls in a large amount of investors participating in the Bitles project. So we have the right to hope BitLes further inherit the planets of BCC.

The BitLes project launches 14/02/2020 with the BCC similarities so the brothers who have played BCC are easy to manipulate at BitLes. In addition, BitLes also has a lot of advantages for the latter. Please see the detailed article review of BitLes of HYIPOK.com

  below, to feel & to make the best fit decision.


  • Launch:   14/02/2020

  • Accepted ports:   USDT,   Crypto   [BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH, BSV, TRX, NEO, NEM, WAVES, ZEC, XMR, DOGE, ETC].
  • Minimum investment:   $50
  • Minimum withdrawal:   50 USD
  • Payment:   Manual   – Payment up to 24h during working day [Thứ 2 – thứ 6] .
  • Withdrawal of funds:   Yes, you can withdraw funds at any time with the cost of each package from 22% – 25%.
  • Internal transfer:   Yes, you can transfer money to other Investors At bitles.   This makes it possible for investors to trade coins with each other quickly.
  • Cryptocurrency conversion:   Yes, you can convert to cryptocurrencies you want with a conversion fee of 1-3%.
  • Withdrawal Fee:   5%. One week withdrawal 1 times basic fee 5%, if you withdraw on 1 time will charge a withdrawal fee 10%. [This fee can be reduced by   1% if you HOLD 20.000 BTL or more in your account for 15 days, and a withdrawal fee of 1 time is 5%].
  • Return:   5 days/week from the 2nd – 6th AT 9:00 AM (UTC),   about 17h inVietnam.
  • You are registered with multiple accounts at 1 time, without limiting the account number.

BitLes Interest Plans

The interesting feature at BitLes is the full interest and the Affiliate rewards are paid with BTL tokens.

With the BTL Token you can:

  • Convert to Coin to withdraw to your wallet
  • The BTL token store to wait for the price increase in each period. At this point you will receive an extreme margin if you wait for the BTL token price to the top.

BitLes Interest Plans

  • LIMITED:   Investing from 50 – $500. Only buy Up to 10 timesROI 110%. Interest 5.5%   daily For 28 Days. Non-payback. Tokens pay daily but are unlocked only at 28 days.
  • BASE:   Investing from 100 – $700. Only buy Up to 10 timesROI 116%. Interest 0.35%   daily For 63 days. Payback at the end of the cycle.
  • Meidum:   Investing from 150 – $2.000. Only buy Up to 10 timesROI 135%. Interest 0.5%   daily For 98 days. Payback at the end of the cycle.
  • Stable:   Investing from 50 – $5.999. Only buy Up to 10 timesROI 160%. Interest 0.8%   daily For 280 days. Non-payback. Tokens pay daily but are unlocked only when 280 days.
  • Optimal:   Investing from 300 – $3.000. Only buy Up to 10 timesROI 110%. Interest 0.55%   daily For 280 days. Non-payback. The Leader should select the minimum package to be% from the best Binary and Direct.
  • Special:   Investing from 5.000 – $8.000. Only buy Up to 10 timesROI 120%. Interest 0.6%   daily For 280 days. Non-payback.
  • Premium:   Investing from 10.000 – $18.000. Only buy Up to 10 timesROI 130%. Interest 0.65%   daily For 280 days. Non-payback.
  • Maximal:   Investing from 20.000 – $30.000. Only buy Up to 10 timesROI 140%. Interest 0.7%   daily For 28 Days. Non-payback.

See the expected price route for BTL tokens

Make money with BitLes

1. Make Money with Binary [MLM]

  • The amount of% from the binary bonus depends on the package you choose to invest. If you invest in 8 packages, then the% will be the highest 10%. You are not yet strong, so select the optimal optimum package to get the% rate of 7%.
  • To enable Binary, the left and right branches must be at least investors from $50
  • In 24h registered members you should be lined up, if that time is over, the system will randomly stack.
  • % Binary details for investment packages see photos below.

The daily binary bonus withdrawal limit is limited to each level as the table below and depends on the package you invest.

2. Bonus from the referral directly.

Bonuses from direct referrals also depend on the package you invest, the more money you invest in the higher you get%. From 3% – 10%. This% number you can manually allocate the number of% received for each level is very easy.

To divide the number of% each level you Partner   = >   Click Edit in the “Direct Bonus Setting”   = >   Drag the sliders to allocate number%   = >   Save.

3. Many bonuses areworth   $ very high as well as value on artifacts such as: Iphone, Oto,… You can see the details: 

BitLes Registration Guide

  • Step 1: Register your Bitles account:   here

To register you on Register = > You should choose to subscribe by Email, do not subscribe via Phone because very inconvenient- >   fill in full information = > Register


  • Step 2: Confirm the registration email

You will get information about ID   And Password [Mật Khẩu] At the email you registered, click “CONFIRM email” To activate the account. If you don’t see this message in your primary mailbox, check the junk mailbox.

To log in you click on “
“, you can log in with Email OR ID

  With the password that was sent on your mail. Once logged in you can redeem your own password.

  • Step 3: Update your payment wallet

As soon as you log in to “
” To update the wallet you have in the Section “
“, you should enter exactly because you will not be able to fix it again.

To improve the level of security for your account, you can > > Security Settings > > on 2FA or withdrawal password [Payment Password].

BitLes Investment Guide

  • Step 1: Deposit funds into your account

In the Home   = >   Click Funding

Select the loading   port = >   Enter the   desired quantity= >   Continue

Wait 1 time to present the Coin wallet address for you to press the “Copy” button and move the coin to that wallet address. When the transfer is done, you tap “Done.”

Step 2: Invest BitLes

After you receive the successful deposit email, we will now proceed to purchase the investment package.

On Crypto-SPIDER AI   =>Choose the plan to invest   in =>Select Deposit loaded =     >   Enter the number of investments   => Purchase. 

Select Bulls or Bears > > select “I confirm….” > > Purchase

  • Bulls: As the faction predicts the BTC price rises by USD rate [Bulls]


  • Bears [Bears]

      :   the faction predicts BTC price decreases by USD rate

  • The 6th of every week will sum up the predicted winning faction. If you follow the winner you will be added 1% profit.
  • You can change team Bulls or Bears on 18h Saturday – 9th Sunday.

  • Step 3: Check the investment package

At the “
“, you drag to the bottom will see a list of the interest packages you have purchased.

  • Step 4: Convert BTL to Coin

All interest and affiliate bonuses are payable under BTL, so if you wish to withdraw money, you must transfer BTL to coin. To convert BTL to Coin you Home   =>   in the “Personal Account” section YOU select EXCHANGE   =>   Choose BTL   =>   Select the port you want to switch to   =>   Enter the AMOUNT of   BTL=> Continue.

  • Step 5: Withdraw money at BitLes

When Coin has a balance of $50, you can withdraw money to [if your balance is less than $50 that you want to withdraw, you should recharge that port so that it’s over $50, then you can withdraw it.

To withdraw money, you  Home   = >   in “Personal   Account” you select WITHDRAW= >   Select available funds   = >   import   quantity = >   Continue.

  • Step 6: Send money internally [Mua bán nội bộ]

BitLes has a good internal transfer function that aims to help you save time on deposits as well as buy and sell currencies together, you can use this function by going to

Home   =>   under “Personal Account” YOU Choose TRANSFER   =>   Select an existing money   port=>Enter quantity =     >   Enter recipient information [Bắt đầu bằng PA]   => Continue.

Over here, it’s my BitLes review article. Have you commented on how the Bitles review Article & project. Let yourself and people know comments by commenting below!


Note: HYIP investments always potentially risk many risks. A thorough consideration should be considered before investing.

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